Eight Hours 3.2 Released!

Eight Hours has just been released version 3.2! This is an exciting time because it brings us one step closer to a full game! Eight Hours has been under development since 2016. If you want the full story, take a look at The Story of Eight Hours. Long story short, we have a lot of graphical updates, better AI, a whole ton of more gameplay, and enough challenges to push you towards the end of the game. Eight Hours really is starting to look like something special! Hey, just like you! Read on to see the details on the updates. Not patient, immediately below are links to the game.

Eight Hours Banner

More In Game Lore

Eight Hours was lacking personality. So we gave it a chill pill and went ahead with adding some in game tutorials and hints about your equipment. If you pay close attention, you will notice that the game offers some hints as to what is going on. Can you make it through and decipher what we are trying to tell you about Eight Hours? We also tried to add some meaning to the Protagonist. We hope you can connect with a schlub like Bob Norm.

Light Switch Tutorial Hint

Spoopier Entity

A lot of feedback from YouTubers was that our entity was not scary. Yeah, it was lame. So we made it spookier by makier it sneakier and harder to detect. We also updated some of the animations, death sequences, and damage sequences. It turned out nice. We want to put more work into it, but we like what we have so far. Now, as far as a screen shot, that would ruin all the fun. So download the game now and find out for yourself!

More Equipment

We decided that to get into the groove of the game, you needed more to do. So rather than only capturing EVPs, you can now capture photos and video of the entity. This had been in work since February and we are pretty happy with the results. We will be putting some polish into the effects and overlay for our final iteration - however, it does give you a visual advantage within the game. Another note is that the equipment is only unlocked after progressing, so you have time to get used to each device.

Full Spectrum Camera

This camera will enable you to take photos of spectral incidents. It will also enable you to capture visitations of an entity. Use wisely, it takes a while for the hardware to process what it is “seeing”. Finally, keep in mind that using it interrupts spectral activity.

Full Spectrum Effect

Night Vision Camera

This is a standard night vision camera. Sometimes still photos are not enough to capture evidence of the supernatural. This is where the infrared of the night vision camera comes in handy. This will be used to capture entity activity in motion. Careful, it does not have the powers of the Full Spectrum Camera, so you are quite vulnerable while using it.

Night Vision Effect

Resource Management

If the entity, the spooks, and the mystery with the basement weren’t enough to stress you out - now we have resources. The two resources are medication and batteries. Of course, the resources are few, so use them wisely. They will not last you the night.

The Cursed Battery

Yes! We broke in and added f**king batteries. Sometimes it just makes sense and not doing it out of principle meant ruining gameplay so we went and added the forsaken batteries. The batteries are used to charge your EMF detectors as they now drain over time and when an entity is near. We aren’t happy about and will not hear any further of it.



Heal yourself of course! Mentally, not physically. Having overhauled how the entity interacts with you as a player, we also added medication to heal yourself after encounters. But, from what our doctor tells us… there is something off about these pills. Bob Norm doesn’t seem to notice.


What Are You Waiting For

Go on, play - get scared, it will be a blast!

Written on October 26, 2020
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